Zaoub App

From idea to launching

Why Zaoub ?

Your team

If you are a team leader our platform is the best choice for you.


Open a new Sprint and equip the change team within your project.


We provide a set of performance indicators that enable you to follow where you are.


1 ZC
1 Point = 0.005 USD

On our platform we have a mini unit of currency we call ZC as it facilitates the calculation of operating commission.

Pricing table:-

Executed order Number of points USD price
Create new project 5 ZC 0.025 USD
Create new sprint 3 ZC 0.015 USD
Add new epic 1.5 ZC 0.0075 USD
Add new backlog 1 ZC 0.005 USD
Move backlog to any sprint 0.5 ZC 0.0025 USD
Send quick daily reports - Flash report 1 ZC 0.005 USD